Learn about Generators – Their Advantages and Disadvantage

Generators, as you know, come in the list of  devices that are very helpful for us. A generator is an alternative source of energy or electricity that we use either in times of black outs or at the place where normal  electricity is impossible to get to. We also use Generators when we need a constant electricity supply to run and you need a backup in place. We will discuss in this article, the types of generator and their pros and cons. Let’s begin with the types.

Types of Generators:

There are many types of Generators available on the market. Generators are divided usually by the types of the fuel they use. There are petrol generators, diesel generators, gasoline generators, natural gas generators and some others. Petrol generators, as is obvious from the name, use petrol as fuel to generate energy while diesel generators and gasoline generators use diesel and gasoline respectively. You have to be careful about the fuel or type of generator when you purchase them and you should keep in mind whether or not the fuel is easily available and accessible to you.

The prices of Generators vary depending upon their type, size and way of working. You can get a cheap Generator as well as an expensive Generator. What you must know is that it is not just the purchase cost that matters when it comes to generators. What makes a generator cheap or expensive is their operating cost i.e. the cost of their fuel and maintenance. If a generator is available at a cheap price but its fuel is not easily available, or the fuel is costly, the generator does not remain a cheap generator at all. So you should always consider this fact when you purchase a generator. Petrol generators are available in low prices but their fuel i.e. petrol is the most costly fuel used by any generator. Diesel is the most cost effective fuel but there are other factors to consider as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of generators are also dependent on the fuel they use and how they function or operate. A Petrol generator is the most efficient generator that provides you the best quality performance. But it is costly when it comes to operating costs.  They produce less noise and emit lesser smoke and dangerous gases. Diesel generators are good but you will have to compromise if you want them in your home. It is because they usually make the most noise  and they also produce too much smoke. That is why they are not good for human health, especially if used indoors. They are more often used in industrial buildings as home owners would  prefer petrol generators. Again Petrol generators use more fuel but they also provide you best performance. However saying that Diesel generators are the most efficient generators as they use less fuel and produce more energy.

What else you should know is the storage life of the fuel used by your generators. Diesel and gasoline are the safest fuels as they are not flammable. Keeping a stock of petrol may be very dangerous as it is highly flammable. You need to be very careful if you want to store it for some time. The storage life of petrol is less than diesel. Knowing these facts will help you make the right choice regarding generators.

Generators – Learn Which Type of Generator Is Best for You?

In times of energy shortage or blackouts the most wanted and the most helpful device is a generator. People use generators as a backup energy source for their home or to run machines that need constant power supply to operate in industries. We can describe a generator as a device that generates electricity by using  fuel and serves as an alternative power/energy source. If you are facing some problems regarding electricity and blackouts, all you need is a good generator to get rid of any worries related to electricity. As there are a large number of generators offered in the market, you have to be very careful not to choose the wrong one for you.

So the question is how can you select a generator that is best for you? First of all you need to know what options you have. Then you also have to consider your budget. If you know about the types of generators and also their pros and cons, it will be very helpful for you in making your choice. There are petrol generators, diesel generators, natural gas generators, gasoline generators and some others. The most important thing about a generator is the type of fuel it utilizes to generate electricity.  Now the question arises why would you prefer one fuel over the other? The answer is not complicated at all. When you buy a generator it is not just its purchasing cost that you should consider. You also must take into account the operating costs, which means the money you will have to spend on the fuel and other maintenance issues.

But it is not just the price you have to consider. You must keep other things in mind as well. For example why do you need a generator? If you need one for you home as a backup energy source, you can get a cheap, small size generator that can easily support some important home appliances in your home. But if you want a generator for efficient working and need the best quality output, your best option will be petrol generator. It is true that petrol generators consume more fuel but they also provide the best performance. They are less noisy and less harmful as compared to any other type of generators.


Lets Recap the difference between Diesel and Petrol Generators

The two most important and widely used types of generators are diesel and petrol generators. There are other generators as well that include gas generators and gasoline generators, but the two types mentioned above are the most common. People usually get confused about these two types when they want to buy a generator. So it is best to know the features, functions and way of working both of these. Understanding their  features and flaws will help you to decide which one is best for your needs.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators use diesel to generate electricity. You can find them in any range i.e. from high voltage to low voltage. The most important feature of a diesel generator is that it is fuel efficient that makes it cost efficient as well. Fuel is the most important thing that makes a good generator reliable and efficient and it is the thing that affects the cost of running a Generator. Diesel is easily available in the UK and it is also cheaper than many other types of fuel. Diesel generators consumes less fuel and produces more electricity as compared to other types of generator. This feature makes the diesel generator a favorite generator in the market.

Another good point related to diesel generator is that its fuel can be stored for a long time as it has a long shelf life plus there is no risk in storing it as it is the least flammable fuel. This is another reason why  people prefer a diesel generator. But there are disadvantages of diesel generators as well. The most disappointing feature of diesel generators is noise and smoke. When diesel generators operate and produce electricity they cause a lot of noise and generate a lot of harmful smoke as well. Though other generators also generate smoke and make noise diesel generators are the noisiest of all. That is why people have to think twice before selecting a diesel generator. If you can compromise on noise and smoke only then you should look at a diesel generator, otherwise you may opt for  other options.

Petrol Generators

Petrol generators, when compared to diesel generators are more expensive when it comes to their operating cost. Their purchasing price is normally lower than other generators but their maintenance and fuel cost is very high. These generators take in a lot of fuel  to produce energy. Petrol is also the most costly of fuels and its price rises every day. Petrol Generators also provide the best possible performance that you can get from a generator. Another good thing is the availability of the fuel. You can easily get petrol from your nearby petrol stations. These generators emit less harmful gases & less noise. They do emit smoke but in less quantity. That is why it is the most common type of generator. Many home owners as well as business owners purchase petrol generators for their great performance.

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